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the poetry below the image I found on the Internet and is temporary please submit your poetry for this upcomming book

A day at the beach

My feet pressed the ground,
The wet, sandy ground,
Embracing the waves, wading out deep.

The sand between my toes,
And rush of tidal flows-
Threatening waves, shaking their fists.

The rocks and the shells,
Starfish and snails,
-Sand dollars on the dunes of life.

A lone seagull in the skies
Telling its tale with a shrill cry
Had indeed, made it home.

A boat drifted in -
But then- out again,
Disappearing from view.

A beautiful girl I’d seen,
Just a mermaid, ocean dream
Swallowed by waves of the ocean.

Then- back home, to let the ocean sleep
Leaving thoughts behind for the waves to keep,
I watched the sun go down.